Steve Beighton

29th June 2012  | 

Introducing Steve Beighton…

Steve Beighton

Will Young:-

Horns on current album ‘Let it Go’

Peter Kay:-

Horns on Peter Kay’s Number 5 Christmas single ‘Once Upon a Christmas Song’

Human Nature (Australian):-

Horns on Human Nature’s current album ‘A Symphony Of Hits’

Donny Osmond:-

Arranged & performed horns (sax & flute) on album ‘What I Meant to Say’ including sax & flute on top ten single ‘Breeze on By’

Paul Carrack:-

Horns on current album ‘I Know that Name’.
Co-Arranged & performed horns on ‘It ain’t over album.
Sax on ‘Satisfy my Soul’ album. Sax on ‘Groovin’ album & single.


Sax and horns on ‘Guilty’ album

Atomic Kitten:-

Sax solo & horns & flute on ‘Somebody’ – bonus track on ‘Ladies Night’ single.

Take That:-

Saxes on ‘Everything Changes’ album including number one single ‘Everything Changes’.


Saxes on album including solo performance on top 40 single Night To Remember.
Arranged and performed horns on top 20 single Love Sensation. Soprano solo on top 5 single The Day We Find Love.
Arranged and performed brass on single Friday Night and solo.

Steve BeightonDonny Osmond:-

Arranged & performed horns (sax) on album ‘Somewhere in Time’.
Also performed live on ‘An Audience with Donny Osmond’ TV show.


Arranged and performed horns on top 40 single The Right Time


Horns on first album tracks


Solo performance on the top ten single ‘Independence’.

Spice Girls:-

various studio recordings

Mark Owen(ex Take That):-

Current solo project

Sean McGuire:-

Saxes on the album track ‘We can make it right’.

Hamish Stuart of The Average White Band:-

Various studio recordings.

Rebbie Jackson:-

Saxes on album


Saxes on single “Crazy Chance” plus album tracks.

Worlds Apart:-

Solo on studio track

Howard Donald (ex Take That):-

Saxes on solo project to date.

Steve Beighton

Dina Carol:-

Studio recordings.

Kenny Thomas:-

Various studio tracks.


Boogie Back recording artistes:- Saxes on album ‘Strange Bird’ plus horn arrangements.

Melanie Williams:-

Various studio recordings.

Vivian Jones:-

Sax on the album ‘Strong Love’.

Boy on a Dolphin:-

Saxes on the album ‘Words inside’ plus a co-write released on the album.

Edwin Starr:-

Sax and co-write on Timeless Energy album.

Girl Thing:-

Sax & horn arrangements on album.

The Dean Brothers:-

Sax on the album ‘Goldilocks & the Three Bears’

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