Top of the World albums: Songlines #131 (October 2017)

22nd August 2017  |  News

Here is our selection of the top ten new releases reviewed in the October issue of Songlines. Tracks from each of these albums are included on the free cover-CD with issue #131.

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Rio Mira 
Marimba del Pacífico
AYA Records
This stunning and important release showcases the music of the Ecuador-Colombia border region, with the marimba, the native instrument of Bantu origin, at its heart.
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Ghalia Benali & Mâäk
MwSOUL Art Foundation
Born out of the turmoil of the Arab uprisings, this album contains multi-cultural brass playing and is infused with elements of jazz, while remaining steeped in the classical Arabic tradition.
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Makan Badjé Tounkara
Buda Musique
This track has a blues flavour and a bubbling talking drum. Tounkara adds three more strings to the ngoni, reflecting his innovative style.
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Too Sad for the Public
Vol 1: Oysters Ice Cream Lemonade
StorySound Records
This American folk, old-time album from Dick Connette gets five stars for its visionary explorations of tunes old and new.
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Mary Ann Kennedy
An Dàn: Gaelic Songs for a Modern World
ARC Music
A fine solo debut introducing audiences to the modern Gaelic tradition. Kennedy is a powerful force on the Scottish trad scene.
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Offa Rex
The Queen of Hearts
Offa Rex are Olivia Chaney and US indie rockers The Decemberists, and this track combines silky vocals, guitar, fiddle and organ, redolent of both British folk-rock and Americana.
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Stephan Micus
Inland Sea
The reflective Inland Sea explores Micus’ latest enthusiasm, the nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle), which he pairs with the balanzikom, a lute from the borders of Tajikistan and Afghanistan.
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Rafiki Jazz
Har Dam Sahara
Riverboat Records
Mesmerisingly performed and colourfully textured, this track is a stunning addition to an acoustic album from Sheffield-based Rafiki Jazz, who strive to cross cultural boundaries through sound.
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The Drystones
We Happy Few
Shedbuilt Records
A rousing, contemporary edged anthem amidst an eclectic mix from the Anglo-Celtic isles and further afield, from Irish jigs to old English hornpipes. Modern covers further the contemporary influence.
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Bjarte Eike & Barokksolistene
The Alehouse Sessions
Boisterously thrilling and infused with humour throughout, this album covers 17th-century dances, sea shanties and traditional ballads.
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