Disappearing Tribes Of Omo Valley exhibition

19th February 2014  |  News


A photography exhibition, Disappearing Tribes Of Omo Valley,  capturing the lives of an Ethopian tribe is on display during March at Arts Connect Talbot Road Studio, South Shields.

Padma Rao, artistic director of Arts Connect, said: “We are delighted to present this body of work by award-winning photographer Matthew Page.His photographs are a vivid and powerful record of what may become history very soon, unless things change dramatically. The portraits are striking and the landscapes are impersonal, but they hold a distinct connectivity with the viewer.The Omo Valley is famous for traditional and diverse ethnic tribes, known for their tattoos, body paint, and lip plates.    The tribes have lived there for centuries, but are now facing displacement, forced re-settlement, and loss of their livelihood and cultural heritage, because of the construction of a large hydro-electric dam.”

All the photographs on display are available for sale. The profits from any prints sold and donations made during the exhibition will be donated to the Survival International charity, which helps tribal people defend their lives and protect their lands.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with everything different, a brand development agency, in Newcastle; Kala Sangam in Bradford, and Willows Veterinary Clinic, in South Shields.

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