Makoura Beads make jewellery that is exciting, distinctive, fashionable and authentically African. Makoura Beads jewellery will add something new, original and dramatic to any outfit; everyone is bound to find something to suit them he

Makoura Beads source beads and jewellery from across West Africa, carefully selecting an exciting variety of styles and designs. Makoura Beads jewellery is made by professional craftspeople who work with different materials, selling locally for village celebrations, selling across Africa for dignitaries to wear at important events, and selling internationally to anyone with an eye for fashion and style.

The styles of the beads have developed over centuries, and show a mix of traditional African designs, influenced by centuries of exchange with traders from all over the world, particularly Europe and Asia. The influence of Venice can be seen in the millefiori glass beads, while other pieces of jewellery may be made up of natural materials such as seeds, stones and shells.

Two of the key jewellery makers are Fanta and Fatima. Fanta lives in Dakar, Senegal; she discovered a passion for traditional jewellery making at an early age, and set up her own business which now employs many members of her wider family. Fanta works mainly with glass and ceramic beads, creating dramatic pieces through complex threading patterns. Fanta also likes to put the millefiori beads with African silver, to make high quality pieces which still retain an authentic flavour.

Fatima, from Togo, is an award-winning designer who hopes to reach a wider European audience through Makoura Beads. Fatima loves the colour and lustre of the glass beads which are made in her own workshop. Fatima is very fashion conscious and her work will appeal to many people who love cutting-edge modern style.

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