About Us

Makoura Publishing (Makoura Traditional and Makoura New) has been established to create a portfolio of traditional African and newly created music for the world to enjoy.

Rare and valuable traditional music from the whole African continent is stored and catalogued here for safeguarding, and to support enjoyment and appreciation.

New, top quality music from global composers, players and singers can also be found here.

Makoura Traditional

For centuries, traditional African music has been recorded ‘accidentally’, and usually catalogued haphazardly – if at all – by explorers, priests and cultural anthropologists, or by keen amateurs, recording without care or understanding. Frequently this has meant that the stories told about the songs and music are inaccurate, and may tell us more about attitudes and assumptions than about the actual music and its meaning.

African music has been dynamic from generation to generation, and the context in which it occurs and which in turn drives the living changes, needs to be revealed.

Makoura Traditional provides music for libraries, museums and academic centres all round the world, at affordable prices – Makoura Publishing wants the world to hear, enjoy and understand the best music.

Makoura New

Makoura New contains music from all genres – reggae, dance, easy listening, jazz, Afro-pop, Latin, and other genres too new to have a name yet.